Anila Dhanji

Anila began her professional career in the hospitality industry as a chef and restauranteur in Toronto. After 7 successful years with her restaurant and having her daughter, she decided it was time to change courses a bit. Still staying in hospitality and servicing clients, she focused her talents on corporate event planning. Anila’s clients ranged from investment banks, brand marketing and public relations firms, technology companies and real estate developers. Providing clients with what they want and need within their budget has always been one of Anila’s strengths. It’s all about listening to your clients and understanding what they want and delivering in a timely manner and on budget.

"Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait"

T. Harv Eker

Working with real estate developers for over 10 years and helping them create events to launch their new projects is where Anila first got her desire to pursue real estate more seriously. People may think hospitality and real estate have nothing in common, but they do, both industries are about servicing the needs and wants of their clients. Meeting them, getting to know them and listening to what their needs are and how much they want to or can spend. Anila has a proven track record of meeting, and in most cases, exceeding her client’s needs. Most of her clients have been with her for over 15 years. Anila works as hard and practices the same commitment and passion to her real estate clients and always endeavours to deliver what the wants and needs may be when looking for a investment property or a place to call home for each and every client. Anila is respected by clients and peers alike for her unyielding hard work, loyalty and, above all, integrity and honesty. She manages each real estate transaction with confidence while providing unparalleled service and her extensive knowledge in the marketplace.

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